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Bohr’s theory predicted the hydrogen spectrum. Bohr’s theory is “the truth”. Inexplicably, the typical opinion of the modern physicist or chemist is that Bohr’s theory was “an interim measure”, and was discarded once scientists knew more about quantum mechanics. In consequence of Schrodinger, what do physicists know beyond Bohr? Both Bohr and Schrodinger achieve one thing and one thing only, the hydrogen spectrum. Schrodinger hasn’t been able to account for multiple electron atoms any more than Bohr. We assert that the route to a satisfactory multiple electron Schrodinger is first to find that spectrum by Bohr analysis of multiple electron atoms. And we present the Bohr theory for multiple electron atoms. Specifically, using the multi-electron Bohr technique we present, it has been possible to find the helium ground state to what appears to be a very high level of accuracy, and furthermore we have calculated some of the predicted UV spectral lines of the helium atom and have found all of them to be discussed, with reference to helium, on the internet.

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